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Drive Your Business Consultancy With Actionable IP Insights

Deliver better management and business intelligence with intellectual property analytics.

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Turn innovation data into successful management outcomes

Today almost 90% of the S&P market value is represented by intangible assets. The importance of intellectual property assets has increased significantly. Technological inventions and knowledge have become important components in almost every business.

By better understanding the intellectual property assets of companies, and the opportunities and risks involved, you can improve your business decisions.

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Create added value for your clients

Gain insights into technology fields and obtain comprehensive overviews of your clients and their competitive landscapes by using advanced patent data analyses. Strong visualizations bring data to life and reveal previously unknown insights.


Provide insights into sustainability

There is growing pressure to take sustainability aspects into account across strategic, financial, and operational decision-making. Provide new and revealing data for your clients to understand their contribution to supporting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Support your clients with these professional consulting service areas

Portfolio Management

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R&D Strategy

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Competitive Landscaping

Risk Assessment

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Trend Scouting

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Want to better understand China’s increasing dominance across the Engineering industry?

Download our Engineering intellectual property report, where data reveals clear trends about the future of Engineering and how international players are reacting to the growing Chinese influence.

Get insights into different Engineering sectors, including Aviation, Energy, Manufacturing Equipment, Railway and Ship Building, Civil Engineering, and more.

Which companies are pioneering the future of science and technology?

Download Innovation Momentum 2023: The Global Top 100 to find out! Using our proprietary patent quality metrics to look at the global patent landscape we list out the Top 100 innovators worldwide. Read the full report to discover which companies are at the forefront of innovation, driving future technologies.

Drive business value with superior insights

Helping you reach your goals is our primary focus. We enable innovators to accomplish more by helping you make informed decisions, be more productive, and ultimately achieve superior results. Our overall success is measured by how well we deliver these results.

Improve your business services with patent data

Patents are future-oriented and possess high predictive power. With the right approach to patent analysis, you can:

Predict future trends

Never miss important technology trends and identify disruptive players early on.

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Understand companies and technologies

Gain profound insights into technology landscapes or corporate strategies. Identify potentially impactful start-ups.

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Assess risks and opportunities

Perceive internal and external risks and opportunities that technology-driven companies are likely to face.

Let us talk about your goals in business consulting

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We would love to show you how patent analytics can help you create added value for your clients.

Customer Success Team

Our solutions are more than subscriptions

Extract all the benefits of our tools by working closely with a personal contact who is available to offer you the best support for your projects and queries at any time.

From talking through your business challenges to extracting valuable insights for strategic decision making and presenting these insights to your stakeholders, your dedicated customer success manager will be counseling you every step of the way.

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